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Amazing results for my lyme. I was recently diagnosed with lyme disease. I have my own cleaning business and not made of money. The pain in my hands was so bad i couldn’t get myself dressed on some mornings.

Kali Huber

Hi Dan, just touching base quick, had a call from my customer in N Ca that is renting my (Theraphi) machine (I drove up last week and set them up) and his dad, who has Parkinson’s, has been getting dedicated treatment now for 5 days. When he called he said as of this morning his Dads shaking is gone, his mental clarity was rated by his son as being 200 to 300 percent higher, they are reporting much spring in his step, where it used to just barely slide across the floor, they have said and I witnessed, he could stand up in a small space. Pat, the son, said his Dad is now conversing and even giving people a hard time, where as 5 days ago it was barely a yes or no. Anyway I know you get this great reports all the time but since its actually Parkinsons I figured I send a quick note your way.

 Joshua Christenson

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La compra y uso del equipo de plasma, Theraphi, permitirá a diversos campos y lugares relacionados a la salud como hospitales, clínicas, centros de belleza, y a los individuos particulares tener una tecnología terapéutica económica disponible fácilmente.


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